Harry Potter Night 2019


Witches, wizards and muggles gathered at Hoggdip Greenwarts last night to celebrate Harry Potter Night- and a great time was had by all!


Invitations had been sent by Owl Post and the lucky students accepted were called to the library for sorting the day before. there were great cheers as each new student picked a token from the sorting hat to show which House they would be part of.

Excitement grew during Thursday as those soon to attend Hoggdip Greenwarts caught glimpses of preparations for the evening ahead. “You’ve really worked hard on this,” one of my class said to me when he spotted the items for the scavenger hunt piled up in the corner.

Having been home to don their robes, everyone gathered in the entrance where their house master or mistress led them to the Great Hall and their House table. The evening started with a reading from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when Harry enters the Hogwart’s Great Hall for the first time.


Each team then had to complete a series of four challenges, gathering House Points along the way. Points could be deducted for mis-conduct or devious dealings, but (apart from our Professor Snape!) there was little of that!


Hufflepuff found the most socks to free Dobby and so won that round. Twenty socks of each house colour were hidden around the library in the most cunning places- some of the teachers became extremely competitive! We will be finding the remaining 6 in the weeks to come!


The Scavenger Hunt was a draw with three of the four houses finding all the items in six minutes. Slytherin were not happy with their performance! Apparently, the Philosopher’s Stone was hard to find.


A visit to Honeydukes was essential for stocking up on sweet treats and The Three Broomsticks did a roaring trade in Butterbeer. All money had to be changed at Gringotts before shopping, but our Goblin banker was very friendly and helpful!


One of our parents at school is a massive Harry Potter fan and we were really delighted when she offered to bring some of her collection of books for us to enjoy looking at. The children were fascinated to see their favourite books in Japanese, German, Spanish- and even in Braille. A huge thank you to her for coming along and sharing with us! I think we are all a little jealous!


Between all the rushing around, there were word searches, colouring and craft activities to complete.


The evening ended with the School Quiz and things got very heated as the points jars started to fill. Having some massive HP fans in the room, teams were scoring lots of points and tension was mounting. On the last question, Hufflepuff won by just 10 points- 360- ahead of Gryffindor on 350.

It was a really lovely evening and once again, I am so thankful that I work with such a wonderful team who want to inspire our children and develop their love of books. Many thanks to them for giving up their valuable time to support this event and for all the enthusiasm they bring.