When Good Geeks Go Bad


Being thirteen isn’t easy. Nor is being a ‘goody-two-shoes’. Not allowed the ‘cool’ school shoes she craves in the hope of fitting in and not being targeted by bitchy Olivia, Ella is starting to realise that being a good girl is not bringing her the rewards she deserves. Beginning with minor rule breaking, Ella develops a taste for rebelling and quickly finds things spiralling out of control.

An excellent read, using humour and honesty, ‘When Good Geeks Go Bad’ will resonate with many experiencing the tricky early teen transition from childhood. Ella is skilfully drawn. Although a good girl who abides by the rules, she is far from perfect, making her fall from grace believable. Many finding themselves in her position of separated parents with conflicting ideas about parenting- one of whom seems overly strict and out of touch, the other more like a friend than a parent- will empathise with Ella’s situation.

The teasing Ella receives is also probably familiar to many starting secondary school. Those careless or pointed comments, thoughtless remarks and spiteful looks can be so hurtful to those on the receiving end. Her desire to be acknowledged by those outside her close friendship group and the impact this has on those real friendships is also well handled, allowing the reader to clearly see events from more than one viewpoint.

‘When Good Geeks Go Bad ‘ does also raise the serious issue of how those who abide by the rules and do their best to be ‘good’ are often ridiculed, ignored or punished along with others. Perhaps a little rebellion is good for everyone every now and then to try to redress the balance!

A brilliant read full of wit and wisdom, ‘When Good Geeks Go Bad’ is certainly one to recommend.

When Good Geeks Go Bad Catherine Wilkins

Nosy Crow ISBN:978-1788000598