The incredible Sam Gayton!


Today we had a wonderful time with the amazing Sam Gayton! Three hundred and sixty something children and adults were completely captivated, enjoying an hour of fun and frolics- and some excellent writing tips. It was a afternoon to remember!


Starting with an incredible self-introduction that involved bursting out of a cupboard and the children whooping and chanting, ‘Gayton! Gayton!’, Sam somehow managed to settle everyone quickly so that he could share some of his top tips for writing.


Ask the ‘what if…’ questions, look for the story sparks and remember that play is the highest form of research. With these thoughts, Sam had the children playing games, creating characters and above all, enjoying themselves thinking about writing. He read from his new book, ‘The Last Zoo’, bringing his words vividly to life as he half read, half acted sections of the story.


The time flew by - and soon Sam was answering questions and signing books. The children were buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm. I have just had parents’ evening and so many of my parents commented on how much their children had enjoyed the event.


But enough of my thoughts… thoughts from children coming soon!

Many thanks for coming, Sam!

You can read our review of ‘The Last Zoo’ here.