Jasper Space Dog


Published to mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, ‘Jasper Space Dog’ is the first in a new series from Hilary Robinson and is set to be a huge success.


The story is told through a series of letters between eight-year-old Charlie Tanner and Dr Isabelle Star, a rocket scientist at Explore Space UK. Charlie’s dog, Jasper, is very keen to find out as much as possible about space and space travel as he is thinking about becoming a space dog. As the letters go back and forth, not only do we learn more about Charles, Jasper and their parrot, Parrot, we learn so much about space and astronauts.


Told with great humour and charm, the story is also an excellent source of information about the lunar landings. Many fascinating details are included in the book like why Buzz Aldrin was called Buzz, how food was specially prepared for the astronauts and how various things were named. The book is perfect for using in class to support learning about space and could be used as a stimulus for writing in various forms.

Full of lovely illustrations, ‘Jasper Space Dog' is a very accessible, enjoyable read. It is great to know that the very engaging characters of Charlie and Jasper are going to be appearing in more adventures soon.

Jasper Space Dog Hilary Robinson, illustrated Lewis James

Strauss House ISBN: 978- 1999338909

Published 8th April 2019