The Green Giant


Bea is leaving the city to visit her grandfather who lives in the country. He loves to work in his garden whereas she love to do nothing. When Iris, her sausage dog, chases a cat over the fence into next door’s garden, she follows and finds an overgrown wilderness. There she discovers an old greenhouse…and a giant made entirely from plants! The Green Giant explains how he had to leave the city, opening Bea’s eyes to the magic and wonder of nature. When she leaves to return home to the city, the giant gives her a present which helps transform the grey city in which she lives.


A lovely story offering an important message about the wonder of green spaces and the magic of planting seeds and watching them grow, ‘The Green Giant’ is a fabulous book for sharing and promoting discussion. The Green Giant is reminiscent of the Green Man, often a symbol associated with rebirth on churches and that is what he longs for- a magical place where everything can grow.


The illustrations are lovely, showing Bea come to love nature and awakening her love of the outdoors and all it offers. ‘Guerrilla gardening’ is on the increase as people come to understand the importance greenery has on people’s well being as well as the environment. The colours are bright and vivid, grabbing attention and emphasising the contrast between the grey of the city and the beauty of nature.

The Green Giant Katie Cottle

Pavilion ISBN: 978-1843654001