A Girl Called Justice

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After her mother’s death, Justice finds herself attending Highbury House, a Boarding School for the Daughters of Gentlefolk. Having been home-schooled by her mother, school seems a strange and puzzling place, particularly as no one but Justice seems interested in solving the mystery of the death of a chamber maid. When snow cuts the school off from the outside world and the death count starts rising, Justice knows she needs to investigate.

This was such a good read! Great fun, the book reminded me of the Malory Towers stories, but with a far more sinister edge. Justice is a great character whose determination and investigative skills are engaging. The school is full of sinister, strange teachers and plenty of pupils, both nice and nasty!

The mystery is well paced and a generous helping of red herrings and clues lead and mis-lead the reader as the story progresses. This is one of those books which is hard to review without revealing too much and spoiling it for others so I will keep this short and sweet and hope I’m conveying just how much I enjoyed it!

A quirky, engaging mystery story with much to recommend it, ‘A Girl Called Justice’ is a very entertaining and enjoyable read- and I really hope there are more stories about her to come!

A Girl Called Justice Elly Griffiths

Quercus Children’s Books ISBN: 978-1786540591