Greek Mythology: The Twelve Gods of Olympus

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‘Thousands of years ago, there were twelve Gods who lived high up on the beautiful Mount Olympus, the tallest mountain in Greece…These twelve Gods became masters of the world and ruled the land, the seas and the skies. This is their story.’

The Greek myths have fascinated and entertained people for thousands of years, yet there is no denying that they are complex and not always easy to follow. This delightful little book explains how Zeus came to rule Olympus with his siblings and the events which preceded their rule. Much simplified, it is easy to follow, but keeps the essential points.

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The illustrations are bright, colourful and full of fun. Gaia is born from the darkness - a tiny baby surrounded by inky blue- and is then shown in a wonderful gown, depicting all her creations. Zeus leads his disgruntled siblings from the stomach of his father, Cronus, and the Olympians preen and squabble on Mt Olympus.

Perfect for children learning about the Greeks or for anyone wanting an understanding of how the Olympians came to rule, ‘The Twelve Gods of Olympus’ would make an excellent addition to any library.

The Twelve Gods of Olympus Philippos Mandilaras, illustrated by Natalia Kapatsoulia

Faros Books ISBN: 978-1916409118