Matisse's Magical Trail


The world can be a frightening place when you’re a snail, but at night, Matisse is free to do what he loves most- drawing! One night, he finds the perfect place to indulge in his hobby and sets to work. In the morning, one of his pictures is discovered by a small boy called Leo who adds a smile to the sun Matisse has drawn. Although Matisse hides away from all the boy’s friends, they gather together lots of things for him to draw on and by morning, Matisse has created a very artistic trail around the school playground. Inspired, their teacher encourages them to fill the wall with colour, making the school a sight for all to enjoy. Before moving on to fill other places with his artwork, Matisse creates one final picture for Leo and the other children.


This is such a joyful book! With creativity and self expression at its heart, it offers the perfect starting point for exploring art work and discovering Matisse. Sam Boughton’s illustrations are equally inspirational and could lead to everything from stone painting to murals on walls, Creating snails in Sam's style would also be great fun and could lead to writing in a variety of forms. There is so much potential for using this book in school- or at home!


There is also a powerful message about the importance of noticing the little things- of taking the time to appreciate what is around us. Most people (grown ups!) fail to notice Matisse’s artwork because they are rushing around. The world is full of beauty and truly amazing things, yet we miss so much because we simply don’t take the time to open our eyes and enjoy them. Leo does and it leads to amazing things.

Inspiring and beautiful, Matisse’s Magical Trail is a story to share and enjoy.

Matisse’s Magical Trail Tim Hopgood, illustrated by Sam Boughton

OUP ISBN: 978-0192767264