I'm Not Grumpy!


Being grumpy is quite normal for Mouse, but he was in a particularly grumpy mood when he woke to find his door blocked by a big, furry bottom. His mood is not improved when he climbs out of his window to find a small sobbing badger on his doorstep. However, he agrees to help her as long as she stops making ‘that racket’. As they search for Little Badger’s mummy, it becomes clear that Mouse’s grumpy reputation is well known, but can helping someone else help Mouse change his ways?


‘I’m Not Grumpy!’ is a lovely, gentle story which shows the value of helping others and the importance of kindness. Mouse’s grumpy ways are well known throughout the forest, but when he decides to help Little Badger, he learns more about himself and the power of friendship. The story is perfect for discussions about how being kind and helpful can change how people see us and how they respond to us in turn.


The illustrations are just delightful! The animals are beautifully portrayed with such expressive faces and plenty of details to discuss and enjoy. Soft woodland greens with bright colourful splashes of flowers make a perfect backdrop for the creatures as they search for Little Badger’s mum. I particularly love the illustration showing the new friends making their way through the avenue of trees as they make their search.


Offering plenty of opportunities for role play and hot seating to explore emotions and viewpoints, the story also lends itself to writing and artwork. The book uses an impressive range of speech verbs which could be fun to explore and use to develop work on writing speech. There are plenty of ways of using the story in a classroom!


A gorgeous book with fabulous illustrations, ‘I’m Not Grumpy!’ is perfect for sharing at home or at school.

I’m Not Grumpy Steve Smallman, illustrated by Caroline Pedler

Little Tiger ISBN: 978- 1788811040