Little People, Big Dreams Stephen Hawking


A new title in this wonderful series which introduces the reader to the lives of amazing people who have been successful in many different ways, each beginning life as a 'little person' with 'big dreams'. This volume focuses on the life of Stephen Hawking, the brilliant physicist.


Simple, clear text conveys both the genius of the man and the challenges he overcame. When at school, everyone called him ‘Einstein’, yet he was never top of the class. His curiosity drove him to solve the mysteries of the universe. When illness threatened to defeat him, Stephen ‘decided to look up at the stars’- to study the universe, all he needed was his mind.


The illustrations are wonderful and show Stephen at key points of his life. Scenes from childhood, his education, being a father as well as a scientist celebrate all aspects of his life. A timeline at the back of the book offers more detail about his life and photographs showing what Stephen actually looked like. The book, like the others in the series, is an excellent biography and could act as a starting point for finding out more detail about this incredible man. It finishes with these words of wisdom:

‘However difficult life may seem, there is always something that you can do and succeed at.’


An invaluable biography for school libraries, book corners or inquiring minds, ‘Stephen Hawking’ is an excellent addition to the Little People, Big Dreams series.

Little People, Big Dreams: Stephen Hawking Isabel Sanchez Vagara, illustrated by Matt Hunt

Frances Lincoln ISBN: 978- 1786037329