Jasper and Scruff


Jasper the cat has everything he could want- a lovely home in a fancy apartment building, a fabulous collection of patterned bow ties and a library of books arranged by colour. But what he really wants is to be a member of… the Sophisticats, a society of exceptional felines. When they accept his invitation to a dinner party, he is thrilled and knows this is his chance to impress them. However, when out shopping for the party, Jasper bumps into Scruff, a boisterous, drooling puppy who follows him home. As a result, Jasper’s carefully prepared evening does not go according to plan, but everything turns out for the best in the end.


This is a delightful, heart warming story about the importance of real friends. For all their self importance and supposed airs and graces, The Sophisticats soon show their true colours and it’s clear that the over-enthusiastic, scruffy pup who followed him home is by far the better friend for Jasper. Although Scruff disrupts Jasper’s ‘purr-fect’ life, he actually enriches it beyond measure and his creativity and energy make him just the right kind of friend.


Perfect for newly independent readers, ‘Jasper and Scruff’ is also an excellent story for starting discussions about friendships and what the ‘right’ friends might look like. It reminds us that we should give others a chance and that opposites really can attract. It’s so important to remain open to new experiences- and to new friends!

Full of delightfully quirky illustrations, ‘Jasper and Scruff’ is a delightful book which is bursting with humour and joy.

Jasper and Scruff Nicola Colton

Stripes ISBN: 978-1788950695