The Sea House


Having just lost her parents, Coral cries herself to sleep one night. In the morning, she wakes to find her home transformed into a magical underwater world full of wonderful sea creatures. Here she meets Fabulous, a beautiful Damselfish, determined to be her best friend. There is darkness lurking in the house as well and Coral must find the strength to overcome this with the help of her new friends.

There is much to this relatively short story. Descriptive writing using rich and varied vocabulary makes it a pleasure to read aloud and offers plenty to challenge a developing reader. Many sea creatures are introduced and described in the story with Fabulous’s Fantastic Fish Facts offering additional information at the end of the story.

Grief is also a theme of the story and through her experience in the Sea House, Coral comes to realise that her parents accident was not her fault and that their love will always be with her in her heart. Overcoming the evil creatures in the house helps her to face her fears and her grief.

Coral celebrates her Welsh heritage in the story by singing ‘Calon Lan’ or ‘Pure Heart’ and the words are given in both Welsh and English, adding another layer of interest to the story. The illustrations throughout the book are just delightful. Full page pictures, chapter headings and illustrations inset into the writing mean there are many pictures throughout the story which adds to its charm.

Perfect for guided reading with younger children or as a class read aloud, ‘The Sea House’ is well worth a read.

The Sea House Lucy Owen, illustrated by Rebecca Harry

Firefly Press ISBN: 978-1910080825