The Ink House

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The Ink House is a mysterious mansion with a reservoir of ink in its basement, a source of inspiration for anyone who lives in the house. When the current owner- a brilliant artist- leaves to go on his annual adventure in search of curiosities, Maestro, the musical masked mouse who lives behind the skirting board, lets everyone know that the Annual Ink House Extravaganza can begin.

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And a whole cast of wonderful creatures arrive and have a whale of a time. Although the text does not exactly offer a story itself, each of the fabulous illustrations could be used to inspire endless stories. There are so many details to enjoy and excite the imagination that this book offers huge potential for teachers to use with their children. My favourite characters are Nigel, the owl, and Huxley, the hedgehog- perfect for starring in their own tales!

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This is such a beautiful book, full of stunning illustrations, a reservoir of creativity and inspiration to be shared and enjoyed by everyone.

The Ink House Rory Dobner

Laurence King ISBN: 978-1786270764