The Worry Box


Murray has lots of worries, but luckily, his sister Milly knows how to help. Having listened carefully to each of his concerns, she comforts him with some good advice…

Sharing worries always makes them feel smaller.

Milly then tells her brother a secret- when she has a worry, she writes it down and puts it in a special box. This doesn’t make the worries go away, but they don’t stop her doing things. Armed with her excellent advice, Murray goes out and has a wonderful afternoon- and helps a new friend face worries of their own.


Every one of us has worries and fears and learning to deal with these is an important part of being happy and enjoying life. ‘The Worry Box’ acknowledges the importance of worries, but also offers a way of trying to control these and have fun. Murray Bear has lots of concerns about the adventure ahead of him- the unknown things he might encounter- and his sister’s gentle replies offer him the reassurance he needs, whilst validating his worries. Understanding his own feelings then helps Murray to support and comfort Lara the rabbit when she needs help.


Full of wonderfully gentle illustrations, the story helps the reader to discuss and understand their own emotions - and those of others. The story is a really important tool for encouraging children to open up and share their own worries and to empathise with those of others.

Perfect for using as part of Empathy Day this year, ‘The Worry Box’ is an essential story to add to schools, libraries and homes all year round.

The Worry Box Suzanne Chiew, illustrated by Sean Julian

Little Tiger Press ISBN: 978-1848698307