Hay 2019: Michelle Paver


‘The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness’ are amongst my favourite books and I have fond memories of taking my son to hear Michelle Paver speak as each new book in the series came out. ‘Wolf Brother’, the first book, is one which I regularly use in school. So I was delighted to discover that Michelle Paver was back at Hay - and that there are to be three new books about Torak, Renn and Wolf.


Michelle explained how she has always been fascinated by the Stone Age and wolves- the perfect mix for writing this series. She takes her research very seriously- going to places which Torak and Wolf inhabited because she wanted to make the reader feel that they were living the adventure. Visiting these remote places has at times been dangerous- she told us of an encounter with a polar bear- but the vivid descriptions and atmosphere created by her writing shows how worthwhile this has been!


Michelle explained how she thought she had finished Torak and Wolf’s story, but a trip to North Norway gave her inspiration for taking their adventures further. One night as the Northern Lights shone brightly in the sky and then faded to one tree pointing north, she knew where Torak, Renn and Wolf were going next. Taking place two summers after the close of the chronicles when Renn and Torak are seventeen summers old, the first book is to be called ‘The Viper’s Daughter’.


I can’t wait to read Wolf’s next adventures- and share them with all the children (and adults!) I know who love him as much as I do!