Rocket Mole


Armstrong the star-nosed mole is fed up of living underground. When he decides to go to the moon, his friends, although puzzled, are impressed by his actions as he builds a rocket and launches off into space. However, Armstrong quickly realises that there is much about the life he has left behind which he misses. When he returns, can he find a way to combine his desire for adventure and exploration with the companionship of his friends?


Perfectly timed for the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, ‘Rocketmole’ is a wonderful story about dreaming big, pursuing ambitions and appreciating friendship! As usual with Matt’s books, there are plenty of jokes to be found in the story- both in the text and in the illustrations. Some of these are perfect for little ones and some offering the more mature amongst us a smile (gravi-tea, for example) and the chance to share the joke. Matt’s illustrative style is as appealing as ever with bold, block colours and his cartoon-style layouts full of details to enjoy.


With its powerful message about following your dreams and achieving your goals, ‘Rocketmole’ is also a story about friendship and valuing what you have. Only when on the moon, gazing back at the world he has left does Armstrong realise what he has left behind.

This is such a lovely story, full of potential for using with a class in many ways, starting with as an introduction to the first moon landing. Fact files about the moon and star-nosed moles at the end of the book also offer a starting point for further investigation and I would love to see children experimenting with different rockets to send Armstrong of to space in. I think that’s my next book group activity planned!


Scholastic ISBN: 978-1407187860

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