The Land of Roar

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What a wonderful week! Jenny McLachlan has performed at six events, visiting children from nine of our schools and has made so many children really happy!


Jenny was fab and the children are really inspired and all want to be authors now!

We have had a brilliant afternoon with Jenny McLachlan. We were totally immersed in her 'Land of Roar'! The children were captivated… All in all a great event.

These are just a couple of comments from teachers and there have been many more! Jenny was lively and enthusiastic, engaging her audience from the moment she started until she finished. We had spontaneous rounds of applause, wonderfully creative ideas and lots of happy children, clutching their signed copies, desperate to start reading.


Having asked helpers to act out the beginning of the story and introduced us to both a dragon egg and a baby dragon, Jenny read a section from the story. The children were enchanted and there were many groans when she stopped! Jenny challenged the children to think about characters whilst she introduced them to her ‘teenage’ dragon, Pickle! They loved him!


All too soon, it was over! Jenny then signed lots and lots of copies of ‘The Land of Roar’. It was such a lovely afternoon.


Many thanks to Jenny for visiting our schools and for being so lovely. Thanks to Hilary for coming with her and to Jo from Books on the Hill for providing a bookshop for us.

The Land of Roar Jenny McLachlan, illustrated by Ben Mantle

Egmont ISBN: 978-1405293679