Bad Nana All the Fun of the Fair


Jeannie (aged 7 3/4) is off to the town fair day with her very annoying little brother, Jack, and her friends. As Mum and Dad are busy helping, they’ve asked Bad Nana to look after them. Although she’s not really bad, Bad Nana can be quite naughty- and lots of fun- so everyone’s happy with this arrangement. But when the fair day seems to be turning into the unfair day, she becomes seriously pipped and that can only mean one thing…TROUBLE!


Bad Nana is back- and I, for one, am delighted! Jeannie’s narrative is chatty, humorous and light-hearted, making the book an easy, fun read. Children will empathise with Jeannie’s occasional lack of confidence, delighting in Bad Nana’s support at these times. Nana’s capacious handbag always seems to contain something to help the situation, whether a lemon sherbet or something leading to a more mischievous outcome!


Bad Nana is a complete joy and is it lovely to see a book which celebrates a grandmother/ granddaughter relationship in such a positive, original manner. Although Jeannie has three grandmothers (more than most, but not as many as Clare Coleman from school who has five), Bad Nana lives the closest to them and is the one Jeannie and her brother spend the most time with. From Liberace, her pink cat, to her gaggle of friends, Bad Nana is fun to be with and when she uses her big eyes and wobbly old-lady smile, she gets away with everything! She is my role model for when I get older!


A riot of florescent colours, ‘All the Fun of the Fair’ is full of Sophy’s wonderful illustrations which capture the fun of the story. Different fonts are used to emphasise particular words and phrases, adding to chatty feel of the text. Perfect for newly confident readers, those sharing a giggle over a good book or someone looking for a bit of fun (or all three), ‘All the Fun of the Fair’ has much to offer.


A celebration of Nanas, friendship, fun and the importance of being fair, ‘Bad Nana All the Fun of the Fair’ is every bit as enjoyable as ‘Older, Not Wiser’ and I can’t wait to see what Bad Nana gets up to next!

Bad Nana: All the Fun of the Fair Sophy Henn

Harper Collins ISBN: 978-0008268091

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