High Rise Mystery


There’s been a murder on the Tri and sisters, Anika (Nik) and Norva -super-sleuths- are determined to solve the crime. The victim is Hugo, their community arts teacher, and their are plenty of suspects as the girls use their local knowledge, boundless energy and detective skills to crack the case.

Written in short chapters with plenty of dialogue, this book bursts with vitality, giving a pacey, satisfying read as the girls systematically investigate. Fellow fan of DIP (Death in Paradise) Norva is street wise and savvy whilst Nik is ‘science-led with a shaved head’, a thinker, a planner. The pairing is perfect as each bring their own skill-set to solving the mystery and clearing their father’s name as they investigate each suspect in turn.

Each character is well rounded and believable with distinctive speech patterns adding to this. May Burton- Cloud News Reporter- portrays an outsider’s view of the Tri which stands in stark contrast to that the reader experiences through the eyes of the girls and other residents. Hard realities- the lack of money invested in the estate, the struggle the girls’ father (Head Caretaker at the Tri) has to maintain the building- along with this media stereotyping are part of the fabric of the story, offering a truth not often considered in children’s books.

A brilliant detective story, let’s hope there are many more crimes for this pair to solve.

High Rise Mystery Sharna Jackson

Knights Of ISBN: 978-1999642518