The Adventures of Harry Stevenson


Harry Stevenson is a guinea pig whose life is full of eating, sleeping and eating some more. Although food is his main passion, Harry is also very fond of his owner, Billy, sharing snuggles and secrets- an ideal life. However, Harry’s peaceful life is disturbed by the two adventures in this book!

When Billy’s family moves house, Harry should be safe and sound in his box, but some tasty treats tempt him outside. Having been left behind, Harry has to hitch a series of increasingly wild and wacky lifts chasing the family’s van so he can be reunited with Billy. Once settled in their new home, a birthday party and some balloons see Harry off on his second adventure. Fortunately, everything turns out well in the end and guinea pig and owner are together again- and the party declared a huge success!


Harry is a very appealing character and the warmth of his relationship with Billy is beautifully portrayed. Full of gentle humour, the stories also allow the reader to experience and understand Billy’s worries about moving, being the new boy and the importance of having a successful birthday party. Many readers will empathise with these concerns and no doubt feel reassured by Billy’s experiences.

Friendship is an important theme throughout. Billy’s friendship with his much loved pet is, of course, central to the story, but the book also looks at making new friends and about not judging others so that friends might appear in the least expected places.


The importance of caring for a guinea pig is also woven into the story and there are many tips for being a good owner throughout so your guinea pig will popcorn (make little jumps) with joy!

Full of fun, vibrant illustrations of Harry and his friends, ‘The Adventures of Harry Stevenson’ is a brilliant read , perfect for engaging pet lovers as well as those who enjoy a funny adventure story. Can’t wait to see what Harry gets up to next.

The Adventures of Harry Stevenson Ali Pye

Simon and Schuster ISBN: 978-1471170232