Big Cat

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Whilst searching the back garden for Grandma’s missing glasses, a little girl finds a new cat. Not one of Grandma’s - she has five- but a new, very big cat. Although the neighbours are not very happy about this addition to the family, Big Cat moves in. He’s great fun, but eats an awful lot and takes up a lot of space. When Big Cat’s parents arrive looking for their missing son, they have Grandma’s glasses with them and she get a really BIG surprise when she puts them on!


The illustrations are bright, bold, full of fun and little jokes. Grandma’s much loved felines have their portraits hanging on the walls- one like the Mona Lisa, one with a Mondrian style background, one like Warhol’s Marylin- whilst the little girl and the tiger cub read ‘The Tiger Who Came to Dinner’ and ‘The Human Who Came for Tea.’ There are partially hidden clues to the visitor’s identity on the newspaper that holds their fish and chips or the one that Grandma ‘reads’ upside-down without her glasses.

The story bounces along at a pleasing pace, allowing the reader to enjoy the visual jokes and waiting for Grandma to cotton on to the true identity of her new rescue. That the story acknowledges ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ means it is perfect for comparing the two tales and enjoying both the similarities and the differences. And there’s always the possibility of telling the next story- all about what Grandma hasn’t noticed next…

Big Cat Emma Lazell

Pavilion Books ISBN: 978-1843654018