Everything All At Once

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Steven Camden has been one of my favourite poets since I heard him speak at a Federation of Children’s Book Groups Conference a few years ago. He was speaking about his books, ‘Tape’ and ‘It’s About Love’ and his ‘speech’ took the form of a compelling poem which he performed with a passion and energy I have not forgotten. I have been to see him at literary festivals since- and each time am inspired by his love of language and the ease with which he uses words.

‘Everything All At Once’ is a fabulous collection of poems which capture the insecurity and vulnerability of the teenage experience. Some of his poems are beautifully poignant - ‘Those Who Can’t’, ‘Cracks’, ‘Nothing Else’- some very insightful, capturing the essence of emotional experience- the pain of betrayal, the ache of loneliness, an avalanche of emotions. He observes and captures each moment with an ease that is stunning.

Simply brilliant, Steven Camden is a true wordsmith and this is an essential collection.

Everything All At Once Steven Camden

Macmillan ISBN: 978-1509880034