The Dictionary of Difficult Words


Welcome, Wordsmiths, to this wonderful book! Designed to intrigue and interest people in the joy of unusual words, each letter of the alphabet has four pages dedicated to it, full of fabulous words. Each has a clear definition, pronunciation guide and part of speech. Bright, bold illustrations are scattered throughout, adding to the appeal. Words with clouds round them are picked out for extra attention as they are amongst the author's favourites; these also have a special illustration.


The book also encourages the reader to work out what words mean from suffixes like -graph and -ology and also explains what a dictionary is. It is a fabulous book with so much to recommend it!


This is going to be an essential part of my vocabulary area in my class. It is such a tempting treat, full of wonderful words which the children will be fascinated by!

So if you have the mulligrubs, this lollapalooza is just what you need! It's perfect for making you sesquipedalian.

The Dictionary of Difficult Words Jane Solomon, illustrated by Louise Lockhart

Frances Lincoln ISBN: 978-1786038104