You're Strong With Me


A baby giraffe explores her grassland home with her mother. At each new experience, the mother is there to gently reassure and guide her little one. Whilst offering protection, the mother explains about fire- its dangers and how it helps- and teaches about the other animals and birds whilst soothing and and comforting with the words, ‘You’re strong with me.’


A follow-up to ‘You’re Safe With Me’ and ‘You’re Snug With Me’, ‘You’re Strong With Me’ is my favourite of the three. As the little giraffe learns about its environment so too does the reader.Although the oxpecker hurts when it pecks at the baby’s skin, the mother explains how it helps giraffes by eating insects and that as it gets older, its skin will become tougher, meaning the pecking will become just a tickle. The fire- dangerous as it is- is removing the dry grass, ready for the new to grow. Mama giraffe teaches her little one how to drink whilst she keeps watch for the possible dangers surrounding them. It is a beautiful, reassuring tale.


The text is lyrical and full of details and vocabulary relevant to the setting and the rich golds and browns which dominate most spreads are evocative of the African plains. The book is visually stunning, like its predecessors, making it a joy to turn each page.


Full of stunning illustrations, ‘You’re Strong With Me’ is a wonderfully reassuring story, perfect for sharing.

You’re Strong With Me Chitra Soundar, illustrated by Poonam Mistry

Lantana ISBN: 978-1911373759

Published September 2019

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