The Stolen Spear

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Wolf lives with his family on Great Island. In a society where being strong and brave is valued, Wolf struggles to fit in, When a sacred spear is stolen from a burial mound, Wolf finds himself blamed for the crime and must leave his home to try and clear his name.

Set at the end of the late Neolithic period, ‘The Stolen Spear’ is full of details about the lives of the people of this time. Saviour has used the Orkney Islands and Skara Brae as the setting for the story, making this the perfect story for using to support history work on this period. As Wolf leaves his home in search of the truth, the reader is allowed to compare life in Wolf’s settlement with that on the other islands. The illustrations by Davide Ortu, spread throughout the book, add much to the story.

As well as its historical detail, the story is one of friendship and bravery, of finding your place in the world. Wolf is a very likeable character, easy to empathise with and suggested questions are included at the end of the book to encourage discussion.

A thoroughly enjoyable adventure, ‘The Stolen Spear’ is a great story which is perfect for using with work on the Stone Age.

The Stolen Spear Saviour Pirotta, illsutrated by Davide Ortu

Maverick ISBN: 978-1848864085

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