Beaver's Big Adventure


Having left his home in the dam to set off on an adventure, Beaver suddenly realises that he is lost. Akita, the dog, offers him a ride home in a hot air balloon. But what does his home look like?


As they fly in the balloon, Akita asks Beaver what his home is like. They see many other homes on their journey and each of these is beautifully illustrated with cut through pictures, showing the animals that live there.


There is so much to see, enjoy and discuss in each illustration as the rhyming text tells of their conversation. Eventually, Beaver finds his way home and is able to tell everyone of his travels.


A map of the world at the end of the book shows where each creature- some familiar, some less well known- Beaver sees comes from with additional notes. The book would really lend itself to story telling, developing setting descriptions, lots of writing in different styles and artwork.

‘Beaver’s Big Adventure’ is a book to be read again and again, with lots of detailed pictures which are just delightful!

Beaver’s Big Adventure: A Journey Home Magnus Weightman

Five Quills ISBN: 978-0993553776