Super Duper You


Another super duper book from the super duper Sophy Henn! An older brother lovingly gives some wonderful advice to his little sister, celebrating all the different ways in which she can really be herself. He delights in the times when she is twinkly and the times when she is clanky, the times she’s moody and those when she is cuddly- ‘a real life lullaby’.


The trick is not to worry

about what you are not.

Instead enjoy the things you are

and all the brills you’ve got!

Full of lovely advice, the book is such a celebration of being an individual and following your own path in life. The text bounces along showing the many faces his sister has and how he loves each one as part of her. The illustrations are equally lively and colourful, showing the warmth between the siblings perfectly. Their energy is fabulous!


Sophy’s books are always a joy and her up-beat, positive messages about believing in yourself and being proud are perfect for sharing and enjoying. This new book is no exception and will bring a smile to the face of all who read it!

Last year’s Picture Book Category Winner has produced another glorious story! Sophy Henn is just super duper!

Super Duper You Sophy Henn

Penguin ISBN: 978-0141385488

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