JAB South


Last nigh, JAB South met to discuss lots of lovely books. The focus of our meeting was history books which we could use in the classroom- as key texts, for guided reading, for research…As usual, this was all accompanied by plenty of biscuits!


We looked at books which could be used with different age groups and discussed how they might be used. Some of the books have a place on our shortlist this year- The Bluest of Blues (review here), The Golden Horsemen of Baghdad and The Riddle of the Runes (review here). Others are past winners- Will and the Lost Gardeners of Heligan (review here) , Flo of the Somme (review here) and The Histronauts (review here)


Biography collections - e.g. How to Be Extraordinary (review here) and Fantastically Great Women (review here) were also discussed and their important role in introducing children to a wide range of significant people, perhaps used as part of assemblies.


It was such a lovely session, full of lovely people who all love books! Some of the titles we looked at have teaching ideas/ notes written by members of the group which will be available on the Members’ Section of the website and notes from the meeting with suggestions will also be added. Taff in the Waaf , Everest, The Lady Has the Floor, Attach of the Vikings… these are just a few of the other books members of the group looked at.


Next term’s JAB session will be focusing on texts that can be used to support geography topics. Everyone is welcome to come!