Tibble and Grandpa


Grandpa always seems to be gardening. Tibble can’t understand it, but mum says that grandpa just needs time. Increasingly concerned, Tibble persists and gradually, Grandpa responds. Little by little, he opens up and answers as they talk about his favourite things. Playing the ‘Top Three’ game leads to a discussion about their top three Grannies whilst looking at the stars.


This is such a beautiful story. Tibble’s longing for his Grandpa to notice him, talk to him, play with him is so poignant, underlining Grandpa’s all consuming grief. Moments of gentle humour balance this perfectly, using the top three game so effectively. Tibble’s answers show much about his personality and how he sees the world!


The book shows the strength of grandparent/ grandchild relationships and how close these can be. When naming their top three grannies, Grandpa shares precious memories of his lost wife and the reader fully understands his grief, but also the healing power of love and togetherness.


The illustrations are so atmospheric- Grandpa’s isolation in the early spreads emphasises his grief; Tibble is full of energy and enthusiasm- and then the beauty of Grandpa’s memories with the silhouette of Grandpa and Tibble, now so close, in the background. Perfect!

Poignant, beautifully illustrated and wonderfully warm, ‘Tibble and Grandpa’ is a delightful book, perfect for sharing. A real joy!

Tibble and Grandpa Wendy Meddour, illustrated by Daniel Egneus

OUP ISBN: 978-0192771957

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