A Sea of Stories


Roo loves Grandpa’s cottage by the sea. It’s full of of his huge collection of Bits-and-Pieces, each one a special memory. This summer, she is staying there by herself. Grandpa is too old now to take her to the special cove which her family love, but they play hide and seek in his garden. When he is too tired, Roo chooses objects from his collection and he tells her the story connected with it. But Roo wishes she could bring the one place he loves best - the cove-back to him.


What a lovely story! Grandpa’s cottage, full of its Bits-and-Pieces, is a real treasure trove of memories and the stories connected to them. Sharing these allows Roo and Grandpa to become even closer to each other and helps her to understand just how much he misses going to their special cove. Each story Grandpa tells allows Roo to find out a little more about his life- precious time forming more precious memories. When the community comes together to help make him happy, there is a heart warming conclusion to the story which makes you want to read it again!


The book is perfect for newly confident readers, managing to offer rich language and a special story with lovely colour illustrations, full of details and a pleasure to linger over. It is a wonderful tale about the importance of sharing stories, sharing time and sharing memories.

A Sea of Stories Sylvia Bishop, illustrated by Paddy Donnelly

Little Tiger ISBN: 978-1788950817

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