The Last Human


Some time in the not-so-distant future, robots have taken over, eliminating humans. Twelve year old XR_935 understands that this was necessary and the abandoned buildings that still litter the landscape are there as a reminder of humanity’s flaws and that their mistakes must never be repeated. Everyday, XR leaves his FamilyUnit and heads off to fulfil his purpose, working as a Solar installation Bot with co-workers, Ceeron and SkD. Everything runs smoothly ad efficiently until the day he encounters the paradox- a human girl named Emma.

Having been told that humans are evil and wasteful, violent and greedy, XR is puzzled by this human child who should not exist and he and the other robots decide to help Emma on her journey. In doing so, he learns much about humans- and robots.

An excellent read, ‘The Last Human’ is a thought provoking, challenging tale. XR’s story is carefully told, allowing the reader to get to know him- and through him the world he has been ‘born’ into. He is such an endearing character who, with SkD and Ceeron, starts to question the propaganda they are fed by the PRES1DENT during her Daily Address. As they come to know more about Emma, their understanding of the complexity of human nature develops and challenges everything they know. The three share a lovely friendship, although it takes them quite a while to realise that they are more than just co-workers, and the care they show to Emma is heartwarming.

The story challenges the reader to think about how you should never make assumptions about others, that you should always keep an open mind and not make generalisations. XR shows real bravery and stands up for what he believes to be right in the face of public opinion, protecting Emma, challenging widely held opinions and speaking out against being told half truths or distortions of facts.

I loved this story with its quirky characters- particularly SkD. ‘The Last Human’ is full of humour and heart, action and adventure. It’s a must read!

The Last Human Lee Bacon

Piccadilly Press ISBN: 978-1848128248

Published October 3rd 2019