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Guest Post from Book Island: Mum’s Jumper

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It’s exciting times here at Book Island! We have just launched our very first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. On this platform we hope to raise £6,000 for Mum’s Jumper, a beautiful picture book about grief, created for us by the talented illustrator and comics maker, Jayde Perkin. 

We feel strongly that this book will help both children and adults address the taboo of death and grief in a touching and accessible way and would love to have your support.

Between today and Tuesday 4 December 2pm GMT, we're aiming to raise £6000 towards Mum's Jumper by Jayde Perkin. Here's a quick reminder of how you can support our Kickstarter:

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If you're not sure how you'd like to help, get in touch, we have a couple of ideas:-) Or just pledge £1 to join the journey.


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·  Your card won't be charged until Tuesday 4 December 2pm, and only if we have reached our target. Kickstarter means all or nothing.

·  The next 24 hours are going to be crucial for our campaign, as we need to raise 30% of our target!

Putting the 'BOO' into books!


Today, there was great excitement at school as lots of wonderful book character pumpkins arrived. Five tables were covered in the most amazing range of root vegetables painted, collaged, carved and sculpted to represent hungry caterpillars, pandas, Mr Men and many others!


Morrigan Crow, Max the Cat, the Tiger who came to tea… the creativity was fabulous! Everyone enjoyed going through the entrance hall and admiring them; parents, staff, children, visitors- all were impressed.


And then, in the afternoon, the lovely Steve Antony joined us to judge all the entries. We had four categories- EYFS, KS1, Y3-4 and Y5-6. It was a very hard job, but he managed to select a winner for each category. Steve announced the winners at two assemblies and each winner was given a copy of one of Steve’s books which he signed and a book token.


He spoke to the children about believing in themselves and read his brand new story, ‘Amazing’ which is not out yet. The children were really excited about being the first to hear this.


What a fantastic day! Huge thanks to Steve for coming to judge all our wonderful pumpkins!

Bristol's Festival of Children's Literature part one!


Today, I joined lots of lovely people at the wonderful Horfield Primary School. What a wonderful school it is with reading obviously at the heart of every classroom and it was here that the first Bristol Festival of Children's Literature was held.


What a brilliant programme packed full of excellent events! It was really hard to choose which to go to, but after much deliberation, I selected four sessions. Before I made it to any of them, the day started well when I bumped into the lovely Andy Seed and had a chat with him while he was waiting for his first event! 


I was also delighted to see that Book Island had a little shop, offering their wonderful books. They really offer something a bit different and special as well as being really high quality.


First, I went to see Leigh Hodgkinson, author of 'Are You Sitting Comfortably?' and 'The Big Monster Snoreybook'. 


Leigh read 'Troll Swap', one of her lovely picture books, which the audience really enjoyed. The book celebrates the importance of being who you are and recognises how different we all are. She then drew a troll as directed by the audience, valuing all contributions and making sure that the quieter children had an opportunity to offer their ideas as well as the confident ones. It was lovely to watch their enthusiasm!


Each child then made their own troll/ child picture, creating a flip book. They had great fun. I was chatting to a very nice lady who has been training to teach and will start her first job in September! We agreed this would make a great activity to do in class!


Next, I went to find out how to make a picture book with David Lucas. He talked about plot structure and showed us how he had formed the plot of 'The Robot and the Bluebird' over a number of spreads. David also talked about how pictures and works support each other.  He then read us 'Grendel: A Cautionary Tale About Chocolate' and taught us how to draw Grendel using letter shapes!


Next, David encouraged everyone to develop ideas for their own stories. He circulated, supporting people and helping them to develop their ideas. He suggested that everyone tried to finish their ideas and that children create their book over the summer to show their new teachers in September- something I would absolutely love if one of my children had a go!


After this, I was sitting in the sun, enjoying a sneaky ice lolly, when I was joined by Margaret Pemberton and Amy Wilson. It was lovely to have some bookish chat with these fab folk before heading off to my next session. Amy held two sessions during the day which were very popular. She has a new book, 'Snowglobe' out in October which I have a copy of and am looking forward to reading and reviewing very soon!


And that was all before lunchtime! More about this brilliant new festival tomorrow...