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Bedtime Stories at Mendip Green!


What could be nicer than grabbing a hot chocolate, putting on your jimjams and snuggling up for a lovely bed time story? Tonight, we invited our children, their parents, carers, grandparents and friends to come back to school for an evening of bedtime stories- and many did!


The teachers had great fun preparing their story corners and donning dressing gowns and slippers. The important task of selecting some stories to share caused great excitement as many old favourites were re-enjoyed and new stories swapped - and that was before the children had even entered the building!


When the doors were opened, there was great excitement as everyone chose which room they would like to visit and which stories they would like to hear. In my room, we started the first session with ‘Not Yet, Zebra’ by Lou Kuenzler and illustrated by Julia Woolf, followed by the subject of my last night’s post, ‘The Kiss’. In other rooms, treats like ‘Where Bear?’ by Sophy Henn, ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler and ‘Odd Dog Out’ by Rob Biddulph were being shared.


After twenty minutes, the bell rang to tell us all that it was time to move on to another room and enjoy a different selection of stories- or head to the hall to top up on hot chocolate and biscuits!


Everyone had a lovely time and the evening ended all too soon! ‘When’s the next one?’ we were asked again and again as people left! It was such a worthwhile, enjoyable thing to do - and so easy to prepare for! Tomorrow, we will put together a display in the library of some of the stories we read to encourage children to take them home and share them again!

A huge thank you to all the staff at Mendip Green for so willingly entering into the spirit of the evening and making it such a success. Thank you to everyone who came- and see you all for another bedtime stories session soon!

Tsundoku: at last, something I’m good at!

Today’s purchases!

Today’s purchases!

"tsundoku" - the act or art of acquiring more books than one will ever actually read, such that they gather in stacks & flocks on shelves and floors (Japanese, 積ん読, lit. "pile up-read"). Robert Macfarlane


I love it when Robert Macfarlane shares a word of the day. Some sound beautiful, some capture a particular mood, feeling or sight perfectly and some make you think. Today’s word made me smile because I think I have finally found something that I excel at!


I have been collecting books since I was tiny and I still have most of my childhood collection. As the years have gone by, many lovely people have given me books and I am regularly to be found in bookshops, seeking new treasures. My house is full of bookcases, each one loaded to bursting, People often ask whether I have read them all… and I have to say no! But does that really matter?


Books are beautiful and being around them makes me happy. They harbour magical worlds, new knowledge, old friends and somewhere to escape to when things are hard going. So if my ‘to be read’ piles are completely out of control and the ‘few books’ I have by the bed actually numbers in the hundreds, who cares?! I’ll keep reading and keep sharing as many wonderful books as I can!


I am a proud ‘sufferer’ of tsundoku, something from which I hope I never recover! Fellow addicts- let’s celebrate!

Time to reflect on the year that's passed...


It's been another very busy year for us here at JAB/ NSTBA HQ. In fact, I can't quite believe it's gone! So here's a quick round up of some of the things we've been up to!


The Awards:

2018 saw our fourth book awards. Once again, it was made a lovely occasion by those who attended and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. A huge thank you to all those who attended- the authors, illustrators, colleagues, family and friends. See you at the 2019 awards!


This year, the number of votes we received increased again and school membership has gone up. Our aims for next year are to encourage more colleagues from member schools to give up their precious Saturday afternoon to attend the award ceremony and to increase the size of the long listing group! Each category is going to have its own sub committee this year who will bring suggestions to the main group. We have already started reading and gathering suggestions for 2019 and are looking forward to sharing and discussing these. It will be our 5th anniversary so we’re planning to celebrate!


The Blog:

More and more people are visiting the website with thousands of page views each month. The feedback we get is really positive; many people have told us that they use our reviews to select books for home and school- and to read for themselves. We also share planning, themed book lists and book event ideas in the Members' Section. As we all work full time, have families and are generally busy people, this is something we would like to develop further, but it might have to wait for retirement days! At the moment, we add to it when we can! Each of our winning titles from the past four years has planning/ ideas either available or in production and many of the short listed books for our Quality Fiction category have also been used as key texts and there are planning ideas available for them.


Last year, we posted over 300 book reviews. In addition, we shared Guest Posts, Brilliant Bookshops, Places To Visit and feedback from author visits, festivals and events related to books! It’s hard to keep up at times as we read far more than we have time to review…

Book Group.jpeg

JAB (Book Group):

Our two teacher book groups started 2018 very well with us gathering to share cake, biscuits and books regularly. Duncan Beedie joined us for one meeting and Peter Shelton from Beanstalk SW came along to talk about their work too.

Book Group 3.JPG

Sadly, the new school year has been over run by after school meetings (four a week since the October half term!), leaving no time for the meetings we would much rather be attending! Still, we have dates in the diary for next term so here's hoping we'll be back to normal! JAB (Just About Books) has been going for over 10 years now- that's a lot of books discussed and enjoyed- and we're all keen to continue!

DSC_0126 (2).JPG

Author Visits:

We have been very lucky again this year and have had the opportunity to offer author visits to hundreds of children in North Somerset. Will Mabbitt, Sarah Lean, Liz Kessler and Steve Antony are among the authors and illustrators who have joined us.


These visits have a real impact on the children (and staff). As well as being a fun way to spend an hour or so, they raise the profile of reading, inspire children to read, write and draw, make writing seem more achievable, make authors/ illustrators come to life... We are so grateful to everyone who has visited, to the publishers who have helped and supported us and for the constant support of Waterstones in Weston, particularly Rowan, who never hides when he sees me coming with some new request!



This year, we visited literary festivals in Weston, Oxford (driving through snow storms to get there!), Hay, Cardiff, Chipping Norton, Bristol, Cheltenham, Bath and South Kensington.


There are so many more we would like to visit so this year, there will be no stopping us! If you hear of/ know a goodie, please let us know!


Brilliant Bookshops:

Always on a look out for great books, we spend half our lives in bookshops! New ones to us this year were The Marlow Bookshop, Blandford Books in Broadway, Jaffe and Neale (both shops!), Winstones in Sidmouth, Korn and Berg in Nuremberg, Gerrards Cross Bookshop, The Yellow Lighted Bookshop (both shops), Hatchards, Octavia's in Cirencester, Daunt Books and the Chorleywood Bookshop.


Each of these has been written about on the bog and many others have been re-visited too! Next year, we intend to seek out those in the Brighton area and investigate those in the Liverpool and Manchester areas! Suggestions welcome!


Book launches and events:

Sadly, we have to decline most of the things we are invited to as they do not fit in with a teachers' life! Getting to London for 6pm on a Thursday, for example, is impossible! We are usually leaving school at that time (often being forcibly removed!), but even if we were able to leave at 3.30, the chances of making it would be slim indeed! But we have made it to Bath for a few- Joanna Naddin’s at Mr B’s for ‘The Queen of Bloody Everything’ and Tracy Darnton’s at Waterstones, Bath for ‘The Truth About Lies’, for example. We also caught up with the lovely Yuval Zommer when he was at Waterstone’s in Bath one Saturday afternoon.


Many other things have happened too! One school in our group won two national awards- Highly Commended in the Egmont Reading for Pleasure Teacher Awards 2018 and in the Flying High with Reading World Book Day competition. We’ve attended exhibitions, conferences and all manner of book related teaching things! There is just never enough time to do it all!


What will 2019 bring?