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Odd Science: Incredible Creatures


‘Creatures are fascinating. From miniscule bugs to great beasts of the deep, ferocious dinosaurs to cuddly looking pandas…’

Full of weird and wacky facts about all creatures great and small, ‘Incredible Creatures’ is an extremely accessible and entertaining read.


Perfect for dipping in and out of, each fact is illustrated with colourful, cartoon-like pictures, which add to the appeal. Did you know that sea otters hold hands with their mates while sleeping so that they don’t lose each other? Nor did I! And anyone claiming cats aren’t affectionate can think again as studies have shown that cats prefer human company to food.


Want to know which came first- the chicken or the egg? Incredible Creatures has an answer for you. There are so many fascinating and intriguing facts here that this is a book you will return to time and time again!


The facts are loosely gathered into sections- speed, cats, eggs etc- but it’s also the sort of book you can just open at a random page and learn something new from!

Odd Science Incredible Creatures James Olstein

Pavilion ISBN: 978-1843654025

Meet the ...Ancient Greeks


‘Meet the … Ancient Greeks’ offers a wonderfully quirky, original look at the Hellenes, as they called themselves before the Romans came along. Following the two earlier titles -’Meet the Ancient Egyptians’ and ‘Meet the Ancient Romans’- this book is great fun as well as being highly informative.


Packed with information, each spread looks at a different aspect of life for the ancient Greeks. The orange and black colour scheme echoes the black- and red-figure techniques of the Athenian vases, making the book extremely appealing. Although each page is ‘busy’, the edge of each page bears a ‘typical’ Greek pattern and the page title and number are clearly visible, making the book easy to navigate.


Humour in both text and illustrations make this an enjoyable read, but the content is not over simplified and offers plenty of fascinating facts. There is even a spread on Greece today which ends with the suggestion that the reader heads to a local museum to find some treasures ‘ and imagine the life of the clever person who might have made it.’


A brilliant addition to the library, ‘Meet the …Ancient Greeks’ is a must for anyone learning about this fascinating civilisation and its people.

Meet the …Ancient Greeks James Davies

Big Picture Press ISBN: 978-1787412750

Lights! Camera! Alice!


Yesterday’s review was of ‘The invention of Hugo Cabret’ which is in part inspired by the life and work of Georges Méliès, a pioneer of developments in early cinema. Today’s book is about the first woman in the world to make movies, an excellent and much needed read as few have ever heard of her.

Divided into sections marking episodes of Alice Guy-Blanché's life, each is introduced by the title of one of the films she made, presented in the style of a film title card of the period.

IMG_7885 (2).JPG

The illustrations are wonderful, full of detail and drawing on images from the time. The author/ illustrator team have cleverly picked highlights from this fascinating, action-packed life and turned them into a very beautiful, inspiring book about a woman who everyone should know about- and yet so few do. Alice’s childhood was full of love and stories. However, misfortunes followed, her father died and Alice had to go out to work. This was when she heard of a job in a camera company and started working in photography.


The book tells how she went with her employer to see a new kind of camera- one which showed moving pictures- and how Alice thought that these could be used to tell a story instead of showing the same scenes again and again! She found new ways to excite her audience and hand painted her films to add colour. She also added sound to her films long before Hollywood made ‘talkies’.


However, when in 1907, Alice went to America, she found no one had ever heard of her. She was a real pioneer in the film making world, yet because she was a woman has only recently started to gain the recognition and respect she deserves. Credit for her films was often given to male assistants and she was completely ignored. This book does a wonderful job of making her story accessible to everyone and includes a comprehensive reading list to enable further research at the end.


A ‘Director’s Cut’ (final note) from the author adds detail to the story, including how Alice’s memoirs were eventually published in America in 1986- twenty years after her death. Alice Guy-Blanché was an amazing character, showing true creativity, originality, determination and courage. Her story is a real inspiration and one which deserves to be shared, This book would be the perfect addition to school libraries and could be used as reference during work on inventors or pioneers, giving her the recognition she truly deserves.

Lights! Camera! Alice! Mara Rockliff, illustrated by Simona Ciraolo

Chronicle ISBN: 978-1452141343