30th Celebrations

The Blue Balloon 30th Celebrations!


Today, we had a lovely time enjoying ‘The Blue Balloon’, Mick Inkpen’s delightful story, which is celebrating its 30th birthday this year! Thirty six very excited Reception children stayed behind after school to join in the fun!


We started with enjoying the story- and my goodness, did we enjoy the story! Everyone joined in and loved the ending.

Colouring pictures of Kipper and making Kipper headbands complete with floppy ears followed!


Thankfully, there were lots of grown-ups on hand with staplers to help add the ears and fit the headbands. Soon the room was full of happy children wearing their Kipper ears!


No book event would be complete without a hot chocolate and a biscuit (or piece of fruit!) and all too soon it was time to gather for one last story!


Everyone went home wearing their Kipper ears- and with a blue balloon of their own! Did anyone end up with a magic one, I wonder?!

The Blue Balloon Mick Inkpen

Hodder Children’s ISBN: 978-0340918197