Adam Hanchen

Conquering the Skies!

Wilbur and Orville Wright- two little boys fascinated by a flying toy they were given as a present- grew up determined to conquer the skies. They created invention after invention - arguing, experimenting and inventing- until they achieved their dreams and made them a reality.

Bright, cartoon-like images support the text in telling the tale of these two pioneers of manned flight. The story follows the highs and lows of their adventures, focusing on the personal story of the brothers rather than the science behind their creations. This makes it accessible to everyone and a good starting point for those wishing to explore further.

At the end of the story, there is a page showing photographs from their lives and a page offering additional information. Their story is a fascinating one, full of inspiration, which has been vividly brought to life in this book. As historical figures that are not necessarily covered as part of the school curriculum, 'Taking Flight' is a wonderful introduction to the world of early aviation and would be a valuable addition to any book shelf.

Taking Flight  by Adam Hanchen

Frances Lincoln    ISBN: 978-1847809285