All About Religion

All About Religion


Bright, colourful and packed full of information, this is a valuable resource for anyone interested in religions and philosophies from around the world.

The first section considers the development of religion in different countries and cultures before 'The Big Ideas' chapter which asks questions about what faith is and considers the world's religions in more detail. In addition to the six major world religions, other faiths and belief systems are discussed, including atheism. Each spread is carefully laid out and thoughtfully illustrated; the etymology of words is explored and famous religious figures are introduced.

By asking questions like 'why do you wear that?' and 'what are you eating?', relevant comparisons can be made between different religions, with labelled photographs offering additional information. The book is easily used for research with a clear contents, index and glossary.

The final section of the book is entitled 'The search for answers'. Full of questions like 'Why do bad things happen to good people?' and 'If religions teach peace, why is everyone fighting?', intolerance, extremism, suffering, moral dilemmas and so on are explored. At a time when discussions about such ideas are everywhere, this book offers some much needed food for thought and plenty of opportunities for discussion.  

This is a fascinating book which is perfect for dipping in and out of, for using for research or as the basis for discussion. It offers a great many opportunities for writing (biographies, reports, explanations, narratives, persuasion, discussion etc), map work, history, discussion, presentations, debates, philosophical discussions and so on. 

This is one title in a series. 

All About Religion (forward by Aled Jones)

DK   ISBN: 978-0241243602