Ally Sherrick

NSTBA Past Winners- Moving On Category


Today, we’re looking back at the winners of our Moving On Category. After our first awards in 2015, we felt there was a need for a section specifically for children at the top end of Primary school, who want a more challenging read. It’s a real joy to find the right book which will help children to continue with their reading.

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Nicky Singer was our first winner in this category with her very special book, ‘Island’, illustrated by Chris Riddell. We were delighted that Nicky could join us for the ceremony; she was fascinating to talk to and a pleasure to meet. You can read our review here.

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In 2017, Ally Sherrick’s novel ‘Black Powder’ was our winner. Set at the time of the Gunpowder Plot, this is an exciting historical novel with much to recommend it. Ally came to the awards ceremony and was a pleasure to meet. You can read our review here.


Last year’s winner was ‘Ella on the Outside’, a wonderful story about friendship, loyalty and wanting to belong. Cath joined us for the awards and it was lovely to meet her. You can read our review here.

Brilliant books one and all! Each of these books has been widely used in our schools and each has ideas for a book event and /or teaching notes to go with them which are available to our members. Our search for this years treasures is going well so it’s looking good for this year’s list!

This year’s long list will be announced on Saturday 13th July 2019 and the short list on Saturday 7th September 2019.

Guest post: Henry's thoughts about NSTBA17

On World Children's Day, who better to do a post than a child? Our very own Henry has kindly shared his thoughts about Saturday.


When you are a booklover, it’s always nice to be around other booklovers and there is no better place to mingle with booklovers than the wonderful North Somerset Teachers' Book Award Ceremony – and that’s where I have been today!


Just like last year, there was more cake than I have eaten in my whole 12 years of life – and I have eaten a LOT of cake. Just like last year, there were lots of lovely authors – there should be a collective noun for a lot of authors….and a lot of cakes. But according to ‘cakes don’t usually congregate in groups’ and I think it’s pretty rare for authors too, so that’s what’s amazing about NSTBA17!


I entered Mendip Green’s busy hall which was already buzzing with chit chat. I ran over to the bookshop and ‘helped’ my Mum choose some new books to add to my ‘To Be Read’ pile. Then I looked around to see which author I should go and introduce myself to first which turned out to be Tom Moorhouse. He signed my book in a blue pen which he said he hadn’t done before- and as I had never had a book signed by Tom Moorhouse before, it was a first for us both!


Then I ‘hobnobbed’ (not the biscuit) with shortlisted authors. After lots of booky talk, signatures and selfies, it was time for the raffle (Don’t mention the raffle….I didn’t win) and the start of the ceremony.


It was really great to see the winning authors get their awards. They all did amazing speeches – you could tell how much it meant to them and that was really special.


I was lucky enough to announce the winner of the Information Category; the winner was…’La La Land’ ...oh no sorry, it was actually…’Moonlight’…oh no, it really was Martin Brown with his ‘Lesser Spotted Animals’. Well done Martin! It was lovely meeting you!


The ceremony ended with lots of happy faces and laughing with cake-filled bellies.


Just like last year, I loved every minute but a huge highlight this year has to be meeting, Mungo, Perdy and Lola -some book lovers have more than 2 legs!


I can’t wait to start reading my new books and I’m looking forward to North Somerset Teachers' Book Award 2018!


Thank you so much for writing this, Henry- we couldn't do it without you! As I keep being reminded- only 51 and a bit weeks until NSTBA18!

North Somerset Teachers' Book Award 2017, part 3


So here are all the fabulous authors and illustrators who attended the North Somerset Teachers' Book Awards 2017. You can find reviews of each of their books on the website- and each comes highly recommended! 


The winners of the 2017 North Somerset Teachers' Book Awards are:


Quality Fiction Category: A Song for Will and the Lost Gardeners of Heligan by Hilary Robinson, illustrated by Martin Impey. Read our review here.


Picture Book Category: Superbat by Matt Carr. You can read our review here.


Read Aloud Category: S.C.R.E.A.M. The Mummy's Revenge by Andrew Beasley. Read our review here.


Moving On Category: Black Powder by Ally Sherrick. You can read our review here.


Information Category: Lesser Spotted Animals by Martin Brown. You can read our review here.


Poetry Category: Reaching the Stars: Poems about Extraordinary Women and Girls by Jan Dean, Liz Brownlee and Michaela Morgan. Read our review here.

Thank you once again to everyone who came and supported us.

So many wonderful books! And yes, in answer to the question I've already been asked, we are already looking for books for next year! Only 52 weeks to go!