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NSTBA Past Winners- Read Aloud Category

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Reading aloud is one of the most pleasurable and important parts of a teacher’s job. This category is great fun to investigate and find candidates for- and we have read some treasures over the years! All of those short listed ( and most long listed!) are now tried and tested in our classrooms and have been huge successes. Such a wonderful selection to pick from.


In 2015, the wonderful ‘Hercufleas’ won. This is a great story, full of fun and houmour- and an adorable flea! On WBD this year, in our Sharing Stories assembly, Torie chose Chapter One to read to KS2 and it was as popular as ever! You can read our review here.


Sam attended the awards ceremony and has been a firm favourite with the group ever since, twice making the trip to visit schools in our group and speaking to JAB.

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‘Dave Pigeon’ won in 2016. Sheena, Swapna and her family came to the ceremony and were just wonderful. Warm and friendly, they added to the lovely atmosphere of the occasion. Dave proved to be a great hit with our children and each new book is eagerly anticipated. Light-hearted and quick to read these books have been particularly popular with Y3/4 children. You can read our review here.

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Andrew Beasley won in 2017 with ‘SCREAM’, a delightfully spooky read with really strong characters. Andrew was lovely when he attended the ceremony and was delighted to receive the award. The second book of this series, ‘Carnival of Monsters’ has also been very popular.

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You can read our review of ‘The Mummy’s Revenge’ here.

Last year, this category was won by the lovely Laura James and Emily Fox, both of whom came to the awards. Fabio is great fun and we are looking forward to sharing book two with children as soon as possible. Great fun, this highly illustrated, colourful story really offers something a little different. You can read our review here.


So many wonderful books to share, making the daily read aloud session something really special for everyone. Because these are chosen to be read aloud to a class, not all of them have book event ideas or teaching suggestions to go with them, but some do.


This year’s contenders are looking just as exciting- only thirteen days until submissions close now!

Quality Fiction next!

North Somerset Teachers' Book Award 2017, part 3


So here are all the fabulous authors and illustrators who attended the North Somerset Teachers' Book Awards 2017. You can find reviews of each of their books on the website- and each comes highly recommended! 


The winners of the 2017 North Somerset Teachers' Book Awards are:


Quality Fiction Category: A Song for Will and the Lost Gardeners of Heligan by Hilary Robinson, illustrated by Martin Impey. Read our review here.


Picture Book Category: Superbat by Matt Carr. You can read our review here.


Read Aloud Category: S.C.R.E.A.M. The Mummy's Revenge by Andrew Beasley. Read our review here.


Moving On Category: Black Powder by Ally Sherrick. You can read our review here.


Information Category: Lesser Spotted Animals by Martin Brown. You can read our review here.


Poetry Category: Reaching the Stars: Poems about Extraordinary Women and Girls by Jan Dean, Liz Brownlee and Michaela Morgan. Read our review here.

Thank you once again to everyone who came and supported us.

So many wonderful books! And yes, in answer to the question I've already been asked, we are already looking for books for next year! Only 52 weeks to go!

North Somerset Teachers' Book Award 2017, part 2


And then it was time to open the envelopes and reveal the winners.


First category... picture book. From an amazing selection, the winner was the lovely Matt Carr for his wonderful story, 'Superbat'. He could not have been more surprised- or pleased! He was almost lost for words!


Next, the Poetry Category. So important, yet often neglected in schools, the short list offers a brilliant selection with something for every occasion. The winner was 'Reaching the Stars' by Jan Dean, Liz Brownlee and Michaela Morgan.


Although Michaela and Jan were unable to attend, Liz Brownlee and the lovely Lola, her medical alert dog, were with us to accept the award. 


Next...the Read Aloud Category. Great books for engaging a class at story time, each of these books is a treat. The winner was 'SCREAM The Mummy's Revenge' by Andrew Beasley. 


Andrew was delighted to win and told us all how he had always dreamed of being an author. 


Next, the Information Category. Four excellent titles- each beautifully illustrated and fascinating-perfect for National Non-fiction November, the winner was Martin Brown's 'Lesser Spotted Animals'.


Well known for illustrating the very popular 'Horrible Histories' (celebrating 25 years!), Martin wrote and illustrated 'Lesser Spotted Animals' and was very pleased to win. 


The Quality Fiction Category is all about those books which lend themselves to inspiring children in their work. As with each of our categories, this year's short list was extremely strong. Each of the authors in this category was able to attend and so the atmosphere was particularly tense as Will opened the envelope...


And the winners were Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey with their book 'A Song for Will and the Lost Gardeners of Heligan'. Winners last year of the Poetry Category with 'Flo of the Somme', Hilary and Martin spoke passionately about this very special book which commemorates the life of the gardeners of Heligan, particularly William Robins Guy who died in the war. Showing us all a book once owned by Will, Martin explained that Will's nephew, Trounce Guy, had given it to him when he was writing the book.


Last, but definitely not least, was our Moving On Category. Many children in Y6 moving to Y7 are ready for a challenging read, yet not really ready to move on to YA fiction: these books are to help teachers with suggested reads. 'Black Powder' by Ally Sherrick won this category. Ally was delighted to win and know that we enjoyed her book.


It was such a lovely occasion. Everyone was so kind and said how much they had enjoyed the day- no one was keen to leave! Already people are talking about next year...perhaps we'll have a week off before we start planning!