Atlas of Amazing Birds

Atlas of Amazing Birds


In his introduction, Matt Sewell describes this book as ‘my personal selection of the most amazing birds in the world’- and it is absolutely fascinating. Grouped by continent, each section starts with a map and a section of information about the location. The introduction makes it clear that the illustrations are not always to scale, but the dimensions are given so the reader can get an idea of the actual size.


The text is beautifully written, using challenging vocabulary and the personal nature of the selection really comes through in the way Matt describes each bird. The Western Barn Owl is described as ‘captivating for its ghostly ethereal beauty and big black eyes, as deep as the darkest night.’ His passion for birds shines through as he shares his knowledge and observations.


Each entry includes the bird’s Latin name and the illustrations are enchanting - colourful and quirky- really celebrating birds from around the world. Even the endpapers are beautiful! A small glossary and some suggested listening of songs featuring birds is included at the end. This is a fascinating book which will keep young ornithologists happy for hours!

Atlas of Amazing Birds Matt Sewell

Pavilion ISBN: 978-1843654063

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