Bad Nana

World Book Day 2019!


What a fabulous day! Sharing stories has been at the heart of everything that we have done- with our children, their parents and each other.


We started our day with lots of story shares. Parents were invited to come with their children to share stories before school. So many came and had a lovely time.


Children came in so many wonderful, creative and imaginative costumes. We had an Oxford English Dictionary, Bad Nanas, Harry Potters, Pom Poms, George (Almost Anything), The Enormous Crocodile, Claudes… The staff were equally amazing, dressed as a fantastic range of book characters. The Y1 staff took ‘Traction Man’ as their theme; in Y6, Poirot made an appearance alongside Thing 1 and Thing 2…. and a new, little-known character from the latest Dave Pigeon book!


Lots more story sharing took place during assembly and at lunchtime. The afternoon was full of wonderfully book-ish activity. We painted favourite book characters, created comic strips and were inspired by Rob Biddulph’s wonderful bookmarks. Children decorated Rob’s ideas or used them to create their own ideas. These were then laminated and put to good use.


The day ended with more story shares with even more parents coming to listen to stories with their children. It was a really lovely day - and there’s more to come tomorrow as Duncan Beedie is coming to judge our Reading Rocks competition and speak to our KS 1 and EYFS children. Wonderful fun!


The Wonderful Sophy Henn!


Today, we were SO lucky! Sophy Henn came to spend the day in our school- and everyone just loved her! Sophy’s book, ‘Almost Anything’, won the 2018 North Somerset Teacher’s Book Awards Picture Book Category and we are all huge fans of her books!


Sophy started by talking to our year 6 children- all 90 of them- who really enjoyed listening to her advice about writing, drawing and…well, almost anything! When she taught them how to draw Bad Nana, the results were incredible- even the adults had a go! The children were so proud of themselves and asked so many brilliant questions.


After lunch, Sophy spoke to the Year 1 and 2 children. She introduced them to her ‘Lifesize’ book and all its fascinating facts. Who knew a giant squid was so big?!


Sophy also showed the children how her character Pom Pom started life as a comic strip and taught them to draw ‘Where Bear’. So many children wanted books signed- it was a delight to see so many happy, excited readers, clutching their new books.


Next, the Year 3,4 and 5 children had their turn. They also learned how to draw Bad Nana and listened to Sophy reading to them from her book. The time flew by and all too soon it was the end of the day. Sophy signed yet more books before her final session of the day when Reception children were joined by their parents for a lovely story session. So many came - it was wonderful !


We had the most amazing day and cannot thank Sophy enough for joining us and inspiring our children to read, draw and to be the best they can be. There have been so many lovely comments from staff, parents and children. We hope she is able to come back one day soon!


We would also like to thank Alistair from Books on the Hill for coming to sell books for us.

Bad Nana: Older Not Wiser


Bad Nana is not like other grandmothers. Jeanie (who is 7 and three quarters) has three grandmothers, but Bad Nana is very different from Granny Rose and Shirley. She can be a bit embarrassing at times, but she is nearly always up-to-no-good- even though she should know better!


This book is a fabulous piece of fun!  The first part of the book- 'Things You Should Know'- is where the reader meets Jeanie and finds out about her family, friends and the impossible to like Georgina Farquar-Haha. We also get to meet the outrageously unique Bad Nana, find out about the contents of her 'completely ginormous' handbag, her best friend, Cynth and  her cat, Liberace. The tone is light-hearted and chatty, making great use of different sized fonts for emphasis.

When the 'sun has got his hat on', Bad Nana takes Jeanie and her little brother, Jack, to the park where she like to sit on 'her' bench. Here Bad Nana takes great delight in flouting the diktats of the new park keeper who seems intent on spoiling everyone's fun. When she stops his killjoy ways, Bad Nana is at her best, championing the right to have fun in her own inimitable style. 

In the final chapter, Bad Nana joins Jeanie and her friends on a trip to the local museum where she injects humour and fun, much to the furious museum man's annoyance. The perfect family member to have fighting in your corner, Bad Nana shows she is not really bad; she has a strong sense of fair play combined with a  mischievous sense of humour- sounds like a good nana to me!

Sophy Henn has produced another fabulous book, this time for slightly older readers. The illustrations are bold and brilliant and the vibrant colour scheme adds to the appeal. Bad Nana is great fun and I hope there are many more stories about this fabulous old lady to come soon!

Bad Nana: Older Not Wiser     Sophy Henn

Harper Collins    ISBN: 978-0008268053