Bryony Thomson

The Wardrobe Monster


Today and tomorrow, some of our schools are lucky enough to have visits from Bryony Thomson. Her debut picture book, 'The Wardrobe Monster' is just delightful and this evening, Bryony was kind enough to speak to Book Group as well.


Bryony told us how important being read to as a child was for her and how hr writing is rooted in her ow experiences. At her boarding school- an old building full of creaks at night- meant that she was often scared at night and, sure she was not alone in this, wanted to write a book exploring these feelings. 'The Wardrobe Monster' is full of wonderful characters - each one based on someone in Bryony's life. My favourite- Penguin- is based on her dad! 


Before reading us the story, Bryony told us all about how she had developed the story from her initial sketches to a mock-up mini book. Everyone was fascinated! 


We then had great fun creating a monster, with Bryony drawing and us suggesting what it should look like. We were quite proud of our creation and look forward to seeing what the children come up with tomorrow. 


After lots of questions, the session ended and we all agreed it had been a very special session which we all really enjoyed. 

Thank you so much to Bryony for joining us. 

The Wardrobe Monster  Bryony Thomson

Old Barn Books   ISBN:  978-1910646366