Carmen Saldana

The Only Way is Badger


Badger is determined to have everything his own way- after all, badgers are best. Or this is what the poster that are appearing all over the forest say. Gradually, Badger banishes all the creatures who don’t conform to his badgery standards, sending them over the wall. However, when he is left all alone, in a world he has painted black and white, it is time to think again. Perhaps the only way isn’t badger after all?


I’m not a very political being, but there are some people I would love to send a copy of this book to! ‘The Only Way is Badger’ is a wonderful book for opening discussions about diversity, being an individual, dictatorships, the dangers of persuasive orators, building walls… aaaaargh! Fortunately, the other animals do not back Badger’s dictatorial regime, but imagine what might have happened if they did…


The book is perfect for discussions about acceptance, diversity - and learning to say sorry and admit that you were wrong. Badger’s story could also be used to explore playground conflicts where someone might want everything their own way. It shows the power of friendship and how that is more important than always being right. It lends itself beautifully to role play or puppet work and offers many writing opportunities. What qualities do others have which you admire? How might you ‘be more bear’ for example?

The illustrations are fabulous, full of little details and lots of wonderful expressions. The colourful spreads contrast sharply with Badger’s solitary black and white world.

With lots to discuss, ‘The Only Way is Badger’ is a very satisfying story.

The Only Way is Badger Stella J Jones, illustrated by Carmen Saldana

Little Tiger ISBN: 978-1848699403