World Book Day 2019!


What a fabulous day! Sharing stories has been at the heart of everything that we have done- with our children, their parents and each other.


We started our day with lots of story shares. Parents were invited to come with their children to share stories before school. So many came and had a lovely time.


Children came in so many wonderful, creative and imaginative costumes. We had an Oxford English Dictionary, Bad Nanas, Harry Potters, Pom Poms, George (Almost Anything), The Enormous Crocodile, Claudes… The staff were equally amazing, dressed as a fantastic range of book characters. The Y1 staff took ‘Traction Man’ as their theme; in Y6, Poirot made an appearance alongside Thing 1 and Thing 2…. and a new, little-known character from the latest Dave Pigeon book!


Lots more story sharing took place during assembly and at lunchtime. The afternoon was full of wonderfully book-ish activity. We painted favourite book characters, created comic strips and were inspired by Rob Biddulph’s wonderful bookmarks. Children decorated Rob’s ideas or used them to create their own ideas. These were then laminated and put to good use.


The day ended with more story shares with even more parents coming to listen to stories with their children. It was a really lovely day - and there’s more to come tomorrow as Duncan Beedie is coming to judge our Reading Rocks competition and speak to our KS 1 and EYFS children. Wonderful fun!


Alex T Smith at the Bath Festival


On Sunday, I had a wonderful time listening to Alex T Smith, talking about drawing Claude... and Mr Penguin!


Alex told us that he has always loved drawing and that his earliest memories are of drawing. His parents used to make sure they always had a little sketchbook with them so that he could draw whenever they were waiting for something. All that practise obviously paid off!


Alex drew one of his dogs- Betty Lou, the smallest-and told us how much he loves animals and how this inspires him to draw them. He also spoke with huge affection about the time he spent with his grandfather when he was young. Once Alex started school, his grandfather would leave little books for him each day, telling stories of the adventures Alex's toys were having whilst he was at school.


Alex then introduced us to his new character- Mr Penguin- who is a cross between Indiana Jones and Hercule Poirot. Alex read us a couple of chapters of this wonderfully humorous and brilliantly illustrated story and I think the entire audience fell in love with Mr Penguin there and then!


Next, it was time to draw! Children- and adults- all carefully followed Alex's instructions as he took us through how to draw Mr Penguin and Colin, his silent sidekick, step by step! The children in the audience did really well!

Luckily, there is going to be a series about these lovely characters as I've just finished ' Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure' and can't wait for their next adventure!


'The Adventures of the Egg Box Dragon' was another story Alex has recently illustrated. This was written by Richard Adams of 'Watership Down' fame. This was his only picture book and Alex's amazing illustrations really bring the story to life. 

Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure  Alex T Smith 

Hodder Children's Books   ISBN: 978-1444932065

The Adventures of the Egg Box Dragon  by Richard Adams, illustrated by Alex T Smith

Hodder Children's Books   ISBN:978-1444938401