Clifftoppers The Fire Bay Adventure

Clifftoppers: The Fire Bay Adventure


The first Clifftoppers book- The Arrowhead Moor Adventure- is on our 2019 Read Aloud Category short list, modelled here by Mungo. We were so excited to hear that there was another book in this series that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it!


Aiden, Chloe, Ava and Josh, accompanied by Bella the dog, are back at their grandparents for the holidays. They love the time they spend there, exploring the countryside-all the nature and calm- with the boats bobbing in the bay- bliss!

This holiday, there is the added excitement of the fire festival. Ava hopes she’ll be allowed to run with one of the burning barrels this year and the children are keen to search for the smugglers’ tunnel they have heard about. However, when some mysterious fires break out, the cousins realise they have a mystery to solve…

Another delightful adventure for this new famous five, ‘The Fire Bay Adventure’ is a wonderful read. The reader gets to know more about each of the children, learning about their strengths and foibles, and how each brings their strengths to the group. There is no child left cooking the dinner in these stories!

This story also celebrates one of the more bizarre West Country traditions- carrying tar barrels through the streets of Ottery St Mary in Devon- and the legacy of smuggling, perfect ingredients for a story. There is much tension and action here with the children facing danger and dilemmas a-plenty, making it perfect for sharing.

Every bit as enjoyable as the first book, ‘The Fire Bay Adventure’ is another great adventure in this wonderful series.

Clifftoppers: The Fire Bay Adventure

Fleur Hitchcock, cover illustration by Tom Clohosy Cole

Nosy Crow ISBN: 978-1788000611

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