Emma Yarlett

Nibbles The Monster Hunt


Nibbles is on the loose again and has found his way into a little boy’s bedroom where he is nibbling his way through lots of information books. ‘My Fascinating Book of Facts’ takes them through space, past animals and into the world of art. Chased by a dragon which escaped form a painting, they continue through colour mixing and a counting book where some quick thinking by Nibbles saves them.


We are such Nibbles fans here at JAB HQ and this new story is every bit as adorable as the others. With flaps to lift and holes to peer through, storytime is full of fun. Each book has been written by someone whose name is an anagram of Emma Yarlett- ‘Lemy A Matter’ for example and it’s details like this that make you really engage with the many layers of the book.


There are lots of little jokes in every picture as well as Nibbles getting up to his mischievous antics, but the text in the books which they chase through also contains lots of facts. I love the way Emma celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing by including this fact in their travels!


At the beginning, the little boy’s bedroom is beautifully neat and tidy. Not so at the end! Everything is nibbled and there are footprints everywhere. There’s even a new toy on his shelves!

Simply a joy from start to finish, ‘Nibbles: The Monster Hunt’ is every bit as delicious as the first two. Naughty, but nice, Nibbles is everyone’s favourite monster!

Nibbles: The Monster Hunt Emma Yarlett

Little Tiger ISBN: 978-1788814003

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Dragon Post


Alex finds a dragon living in the basement of his house. Having always wanted a dragon, he hopes it will stay, but has concerns about looking after it so he writes letters to a series of people who he hopes will offer him good advice. In the end, Alex realises that the best thing for his fiery friend to find somewhere to live more suited to his needs. They part company and one day, Alex receives some more post- Dragon Post!


When I spotted this in my local bookshop this morning, I just could not resist it! Being a great ‘Nibbles’ fan, I just knew that it was going to be a real winner- and I was not disappointed!

The reader does not see Alex’s letters to the various people he contacts, but each reply is presented in the form of a letter which can be removed from an envelope presented in the book. Amongst the responses he gets to his cries for help, there is also a nasty-gram from P. Dantic and P. Nickety. solicitors for his neighbour who does not appreciate the heat, smoke and noise Alex’s new pet is causing!


The illustrations are joyful, showing plenty of personality and action to back up the simple text presented on each page. The letters offer a more challenging read and are full of humour, including things for grown-ups to enjoy as they share the story- or indeed read it for their own pleasure!


There is so much that you could do with a book like this in the classroom with both older and younger children. Many science activities could be explored in the context of Alex’s adventures. The story could also be used to teach children about the importance of pet care and to encourage them to create their own books exploring this. Writing and replying to letters, creating cards and envelopes, corresponding with pen-pals… I’m itching to get planning!

Amazing illustrations, a lovely story and a beautifully presented book- what more could you ask for?!

Dragon Post Emma Yarlett

Walker Books ISBN: 978-1406379716

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Nibbles- The Dinosaur Guide


Nibbles is at it again. This time he's nibbled his way into a book about dinosaurs where he is in danger of ending up as dinner!


This wonderful mixture of fact and fun will entertain and engage everyone. Brilliantly interactive with flaps to lift and peep through nibble holes, this book will appeal to dinosaur enthusiasts and those with no knowledge of palaeontology at all!


Facts about dinosaurs are cleverly mixed with the humorous antics of our yellow friend, making this a story which can be read in different ways. Velociraptors used to be one of my son's favourite dinosaurs and I love the spread full of these vicious creatures, dreaming sweetly (What do you call a dinosaur who sleeps all day? A dino-SNORE!) of riding unicorns amongst other things, until rudely awoken by the yellow menace! 


The illustrations are a joy! This would be a great text to use in school for work on dinosaurs or as a model for presenting information about other creatures which Nibbles might nibble his way into a book about! I really look forward to seeing where he nibbles to next!

Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide    Emma Yarlett

Little Tiger ISBN: 978-1848696914