National Non-fiction November

We're more than half way through this special month which offers a focus on non-fiction. We have been exploring and enjoying a range of information books in school and with our families; here we are sharing just a few of them with you!

This is the perfect book for my dad, who is the most amazing gardener and has a great love for plants. Arranged into different 'galleries', Botanicum is a treasury of botanical knowledge, filled with a stunning array of drawings in each section.

Part of the 'Welcome to the Museum' range, this book does feel like an exhibition of plants, lovingly displayed and presented for browsing. It is full of fascinating information, taking us from the earliest plants and exploring the marvels the earth has to offer, starting in the entrance...

This is no ordinary museum. Imagine if you could wander through every field, wood, tropical rainforest and flower glade in the world. Think what it would be like if you could see the most beautiful, exotic and weird plants all at once...You can, in the pages of Botanicum.

Simply beautiful!

Botanicum (Welcome to the Museum) Curated by Katie Scott and Kathy Wells 

Big Picture Press    ISBN: 978-1783703944

Completely different, How Big is 43 Quintillion? helps readers understand large numbers by relating them to daily situations. The book offers an insight into the history of maths and some mathematicians through the ages. Fun for those who love numbers and those who are puzzled by them, the book is bright, colourful and appealing!

How Big is 43 Quintillion? by Lynn Huggins-Cooper

QED Publishing   ISBN: 978-1781715628

Another in the 'Welcome to the Museum' series, Historium is just as beautifully presented as Botanicum. Looking at ancient civilisations from across the globe, it is an invaluable resource. Lavishly illustrated, the artefacts from each civilisation have been carefully chosen to offer an insight into that culture and people. It would make an excellent starting point for selecting some objects to focus on when on a 'real' museum visit, allowing the reader to become familiar with something before seeing it for real. Full of interesting facts and information, this is a fabulous book to pour over again and again!

Historium (Welcome to the Museum) curated by Jo Nelson and Richard Wilkinson 

Templar  ISBN: 978-1783701889


Full of brilliant ideas and tips, this book is essential for budding writers. Written in a fun, engaging style, it is easy to follow and select sections which will help support what the reader is trying to achieve. A really useful resource for writing at home, the book also supports the curriculum with practical suggestions and sound advice!

How to Write Your Best Story Ever! by Christopher Edge, illustrated by Nathan Reed.

OUP    ISBN: 978-0192743527