A worm's eye view!

Trying to avoid being eaten for breakfast by a bird that looks like a chicken (but isn't!), Marcus the worm calls, 'Good morning!' and with those two words plunges himself into an adventure he wasn't counting on having!

Laurence (the bird who isn't a chicken) thinks he's a flamingo (which he isn't) and wants to go to Kenya to find his fellow flamingoes. Eager to avoid being eaten, Marcus (who knows he's a worm) agrees to be Laurence's navigator and show him the way to Lake Nakuru National Park.

And so begins a beautiful friendship...

This is an extremely funny, light-hearted tale which introduces the reader to a whole host of comic characters. The pair might never reach their goal, but they learn a huge amount about themselves- and each other- on the way.

The perfect read aloud for a class that likes a laugh!

They Didn't Teach this in Worm School      Simone Lia

Walker   ISBN: 978-1406346503