I Cosmo

I, Cosmo


Cosmo is a Golden Retriever. He is devoted his family, particularly Max who he promised to protect when he was a baby. However, all is not well- Mum and Dad are arguing all the time and Max is terrified about what the future might hold. But what can a dog do to help? With the help of Uncle Reggie, Max and Cosmo decide to enter a dancing competition to remind mum and dad of the days when they used to dance round the kitchen and were happy. But Max will have to overcome his shyness and Cosmos his creaking joints if they are to stand a hope of mum and dad getting the message.

There is nothing I can say which can sum up what a special book this is! Cosmo is a mixture of all the dogs I have known and loved in my lifetime. Cosmo’s voice is beautifully written with his dog’s eye view of events carefully relayed. The bond he has with Max and his tireless devotion his doggy heart gives is so touching. Childhood pets are so important and the comfort they offer is boundless. This is Monty, endlessly ( or should that be hopelessly) devoted to my son who spent many happy hours sharing his basket. (Please excuse the quality- pre-digital age!)

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However, there is more to this book than that. There is plenty of humour added to the story as Cosmo tries to make sense of the world about him. Cosmo’s love of bacon and Grease (the film) , the naughty things he occasionally tempted into doing all add to his wonderful personality.

There is a more serious side to this story. Max’s misery at the constant arguments and the tension they create, his uncertainty at what the future holds and his fear of being separated from Cosmo are all explored sensitively and seen through Cosmo’s eyes, allowing for some distance.

This is a must read story - something really different and special. Get the tissues ready!

I, Cosmo Carlie Sorosiak

Nosy Crow ISBN: 978-1788003872