I Don't Want to be Small

I Don't Want to be Small


This little boy has had enough of being so small. His friends can go on the BIG rides at the fair; his brother’s hand-me-down clothes swamp him and nothing he tries seems to help him grow. When he loses his teddy high up in a tree, he tries everything he can think of to get it back. Even a new friend, who is tall, can’t help solve this problem- until they work together.


This is such of lovely book about the joys of friendship and being happy with who you are. The frustration of being too small to do things that others can do is one many will recognise, making the story a great starting point for discussions and encouraging empathy.


The illustrations are a complete delight, beautifully depicting the whole range of emotions from frustration to disappointment to real joy. Laura Ellen Anderson really captures each feeling as her little hero encounters each new challenge and experience. The book also offers plenty of humour through both illustration and text and the story is a joy to read aloud as it bounces along at a pleasing pace.


It is also so lovely to see a boy and girl depicted as enjoying friendship. Having worked together to rescue the bear, they are then happy to continue their new friendship, sharing the bear, playing together and also reading in companionable silence, being perfect in their difference.

I Don’t Want To Be Small Laura Ellen Anderson

Bloomsbury ISBN: 978-1408894064

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