Only 52 weeks to go...


It's hard to believe it's all over for another year! Thank you so much to everyone who helped us, who supported us and who shared the day with us. 

Having washed up, eaten all the left over cake, taken the bookshop money to Waterstones (thanks, Rohan!) and had a sit down, it's time to think about next year! We are already gathering together books which we think might make the long list so we are open to suggestions!


Picture book category:

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam won in our first year, 'The Beginner's Guide to Bear Spotting' last year and 'Superbat' this year! Picture books can be fiction or non-fiction, for older or younger children... it doesn't matter! The most important thing is the enjoyment factor!

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Poetry Category:

We love poetry! 'Buzzing!' was our first winner, 'Flo of the Somme' our second and this year, 'Reaching the Stars' took the poetry prize. Poems on any subject, collections of poems from one or more poets, traditional, funny, shape ... all are considered!

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Quality Fiction Category:

It is so important to choose books which are engaging and well written to inspire children and teachers. This includes wordless texts, some picture books and graphic novels. Sad creature that I am, I really enjoy planning ways of using these and sharing ideas with others! 'The River Singers' was our first winner in this category, followed by 'Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot' last year and 'A Song for Will and the Lost Gardeners of Heligan' this year.

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Read Aloud Category:

Looking for a great story to engage your class at storytime? This is the category to find them in! Books which are perfect for reading aloud- doing the voices- pulling the faces - getting children involved! Our 2015 winner was 'Hercufleas', 2016 was 'Dave Pigeon' and this year, 'SCREAM The Mummy's Revenge'. 

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Information Category:

So important, touching all of the curriculum and so many areas of interest, the Information category looks for books that can be used to support and inspire work in all areas. Our first winner was 'Maps', our second was 'Professor Astro Cats Atomic Adventure' and this year, 'Lesser Spotted Animals'.

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Moving On Category:

Aimed at supporting teachers and children with suggestions for those readers ready to move on, but not ready for YA or teen fiction, our first Moving On winner was last year when 'Island' won. This year, 'Black Powder' was our winner.

We have been asked (again) to consider an older category for the awards- but we'll need to discuss that before making any decisions.


SO...if you have any suggestions for next year whether you are a teacher, an author, a publisher... please get in touch via the website. Books have to be published between 2016-2018 and suggestions are welcome until the 16th April 2018. 


So ...less than 52 weeks to go until NSTBA18! Let's get reading!

Cool Architecture


Perfect for those inquisitive children looking for something a bit different, 'Cool Architecture' is an amazing read. 

From its compact size, clear page layouts and calming use of colour, this is an attractive as well as informative book. Simon Armstrong leads the reader on a journey through an architectural timeline, introducing different styles/ periods in architecture, explaining technical terms and introducing influential architects along the way. 

Examples of each 'Cool Movement' of architecture are looked at as 'Cool Buildings', introducing the reader to places from all over the world. Line drawings of the buildings, facts and quotes add to the main text of each spread, often with humour. 

This book would be a really useful addition to any class/ school library. Offering a different angle for learning about various historical periods, countries or famous people, it is packed full of facts and information. Its attractive layout make it very easy to use and it has a clear contents page and glossary. 

It is also a perfect book for those amongst us who just love an interesting fact or two! Did you know that Boston City Hall was voted the ugliest building in the world in 2008? Or that Jorn Utzon (designer of the Sydney Opera House) died at the age of 90, never having visited the completed Opera House? Or that the Shard has 306 flights of stairs? There is so much to learn from this lovely little book!

Such a 'cool' book- I now can't wait to get my hands on the other titles in this series!


Cool Architecture by Simon Armstrong

Pavilion Books  ISBN: 978-1909396791